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We are a medical team specialized in general medicine

Our care centers have a wide variety of services and procedures, from laboratory tests to minor surgeries. We are committed to maintain strict care for the well-being of our community. We also have more than 10 locations in the state of Texas and an additional one in Lake Charles, LA, which shows the growth we have achieved during more than 15 years of operation.

Preventive medicine

Our team maintains direct communication with our patients advising and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Healthcare in your language

Whether it is English or Spanish, our team is ready to offer you the best service, because we understand that your language is important.

Inmediate attention

Your time means a lot to us, for this reason, you do not need an appointment to attend to your medical condition, simply visit our service center, and we will assist you directly.

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Our centers have telemedicine services.

Telemedicine is the provision of clinical health services at a distance through the infrastructure of modern telecommunications. It constitutes one more tool to improve the health of the patient.

  • It facilitates collaborative work between professional teams in the treatment of patients.
  • Maintains immediate support for the patient with remote medical personnel.
  • It guarantees a secure communication platform between the patient and remote medical personnel.
  • It constitutes an essential complement in the study and diagnosis of the patient's health condition.

Regardless of the circumstances, telemedicine is a fundamental tool to put our entire health team within reach of the patient.

Why is it important to practice an Ultrasound?

Diagnostic Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique used to produce images inside the body.

Diagnostic ultrasound is capable of producing images of the internal organs of the body in a non-invasive manner. However, it is not good at producing images of bone or tissues that contain air, such as the lungs. One of the most common uses of ultrasound is during pregnancy, to monitor the growth and development of the fetus, but it has many other uses, including producing images of the heart, blood vessels, thyroid, abdominal organs, skin, joints, muscles, to name a few. others.

Functional ultrasound applications include Doppler and color Doppler ultrasound to measure and visualize blood flow in vessels within the body or in the heart. You can also measure the speed of blood flow and the direction of movement. Doppler's ultrasound is commonly used to determine if plaque buildup in the carotid arteries is blocking blood flow to the brain.

Another functional form of ultrasound is elastography, a method of measuring and displaying the relative stiffness of tissues, which can be used to differentiate tumors from healthy tissue. Elastography can be used to test for liver fibrosis, a disease in which excessive scar tissue builds up in the liver due to inflammation.

Rapid diagnostic tests

When urgency is required, a quick diagnosis can make the difference. Advantages of a rapid test include:

  • Inmediate results.
  • Allow early and accurate diagnosis.
  • It includes a wide variety of tests, urine test, pregnancy, electrocardiogram among many others.

Quick results allow you to receive treatment sooner, which can reduce the severity of your symptoms and help prevent the spread of certain diseases.

A large number of people have mild symptoms or may not even have symptoms for various diseases. If you are concerned or need any of these tests, remember that our centers have a wide variety of them, and they are available to you.

Lab Exams

We have more than 100 laboratory tests available in our care centers.

We work directly with highly reliable institutions that guarantee the fast and safe delivery of the tests carried out in our clinics, in addition to having a staff that will answer all your questions once the results are delivered.

  • Fast delivery of results.
  • Confidential information guaranteeing your privacy.
  • Precise and highly reliable result.

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